Commitment to attending mass each Sunday is not a suggestion but rather our sacred obligation as Catholics. In fact, Bishop Tod Brown has just issued another statement asking for a renewed sense of commitment to Sunday Mass.  Since the 5:30 PM Sunday Mass has traditionally been more geared toward youth and it is the night that we are gathering for Confirmation, we are inviting you to begin the evening by worshipping together.


Nothing happens on our part. You are adults, in charge of your families. We will not be taking attendance at Mass or penalizing you in any way if you don’t choose to come to the Sunday 5:30 p.m. Mass.


For those who do come to 5:30 Mass, we are offering a chance to have a light supper together to give you a chance to “break bread together” and to help you bridge the gap between Mass and Confirmation. Rather than trying to eat before 5:30 or quickly dash out and get fast food after Mass, we thought this would be a fun way to build community. This is meant to alleviate stress, not add to it!

FOOD ASSIGNMENTS:  For the potluck, you are only bringing food for your group to share.  There are approximately 13 or 14 students and their parents in each group. If everyone contributes something, this shouldn’t impose a burden on anyone. You will be given the opportunity to sign up for the next gathering when you come each month.

SET UP AND CLEAN UP – Each group will do their own set up and clean up so you can ignore the color chart assignments that we originally gave out.

WHAT HAPPENS IF WE CAN’T ATTEND? If your son or daughter is sick or has another conflict and cannot attend OR if you choose not to eat together, please either contact someone else in your group and let them know so that there will be food for others or do not sign up.


Service has always been a part of the Confirmation process. However, many have had difficulties in the past finding meaningful acts of service to perform. The list given to you in the packet are LOCAL NEEDS of ministries right here in the parish. The youth have been asked many times to help out in the past but there has never been a way to organize on the spur of the moment. The list is to help you help your son or daughter fulfill this requirement. Since we need adult chaperones and since many parents have asked for specifics, we put this list together.

ASSIGNMENTS:  Group color assignments are given as a suggestion so that everyone would have a chance to contribute and every month would be covered. If you have a conflict or do not wish to participate then, you can choose to go another time or do something else. COMMUNICATION with our office is the key.

WHAT IF I GO TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL AND AM ALREADY DOING SERVICE HOURS?  You can still get credit for your hours but be sure to keep track and report them in a timely manner. It would be nice if at least one project directly involves the parish.

HOW MANY HOURS DO I HAVE TO DO? We would like you to do 2 projects a year but don’t put restrictions on a specific number of hours. We leave that for you, the parents, to work out with your kids.


The adult sessions were added for your enrichment and to model for your daughters and sons that faith formation is on-going. This approach is in alignment with our parish’s commitment to offering more opportunities for adults to grow spiritually and intellectually in our faith. They are not punitive or meant to be a commentary on your faithfulness and practice as Catholics. Rather, you are invited to view a really great video about Catholicism and to engage in adult conversation with others only once a month while your son or daughter is engaged in the Confirmation experience.


While we would like to see everyone each month, we understand if there are conflicts. There always are. There are no penalties if you do not come. Again, you are adults and thus free to choose whatever you believe is best for you and your family.


We added the on-line component for several reasons. First, we hope to engage the youth since they use the internet as a main tool for communication and knowledge. Second, the youth can learn at their own pace each month and won’t have to be restricted to what happens in the classroom. Third, since we cut the sessions to once a month, this allows them to be exposed to more faith formation opportunities in a variety of ways. The wave of the future is learning on-line. We would like them to know that they can also use this tool to learn about Catholicism and to get used to doing so.

Confirmation Student Absence

As you know, we have very few meetings throughout the year. We hope that by having the class dates for the entire year already that you might be able to schedule accordingly. However, we understand that there may be an unavoidable conflict and an absence may occur. Please call or e-mail our Faith Formation office if there is an unavoidable absence for more information on what your child’s options are for making up their absence.

Please use email to contact us – it’s really the quickest and easiest way:                                   

If you would like to speak to someone please call us at:
(949) 496-1307 x2204

Blessings to Everyone!