The Sacrament of Confirmation is a completion of an encounter with the Holy Spirit that began at baptism. In fact, in the early Church, the anointing by the bishop was the sealing after the experience of living water (pouring or immersion) and the trinitarian words. As the Church grew in population and spread all over the world, the bishop was no longer present at every baptism and would travel at a later time to the various communities to “confirm” what had been celebrated. Eventually, the ritual emerged as a separate sacrament.

The way we are prepared for confirmation as well as when the sacrament is celebrated has changed over the years and parallels our understanding of it. Our shepherd, the Bishop of Orange, has determined that young adulthood is the time that individuals are traditionally invited to begin the preparation process and that it should be two years in length.

Over the years, we have been experiencing a “paradigm shift” in our understanding of the sacrament from becoming a “solider of Christ,” ready to defend the faith at all cost, to becoming “an adult” in the faith. Today, the emphasis in Confirmation is about becoming a member of a faithful community that will sustain for a lifetime. It is also about service to others, giving back what has been gifted to each of us by God.

The Confirmation process in high school seeks to provide a deeper faith development for each person, enhancing not only what is known intellectually about God and the Church but also an enlarging of the heart that comes to embrace and love Jesus Christ as a friend and companion on the journey. All of the components of our program – study, community gatherings, worship, prayer, service projects, and the retreat – work together toward helping our young people have a complete youth ministry experience.