“We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…”  -Hebrews 12:1

Confirmation Saint Name – Due December in Year 2

We are NEVER alone in walking this journey of faith!  Not only does the Lord walk with us, but He has given us courageous examples of the saints; Normal people who led extraordinary lives!  It is a tradition in Confirmation to pick a saint name which will be used during your Confirmation ceremony.  Teens, take time to really think, pray and research about this saint.  Remember, you will be SEALED with the POWER of the Holy Spirit with this name!  Find a saint that speaks to you.


  • Along with their choice, all teens are to write a 1 page reflection paper on why they chose that Saint.  (Size 12-14 font only please.)
  • Paper should have at least 3 paragraphs,
    • Paragraph 1:  Share about the life of the saint in your own words, not wikipedia!  
    • Paragraph 2:  Why did you chose this saint?
    • Paragraph 3:  How you plan to imitate this saint’s life?  Please be specific and ambitious.  We don’t want “little kid” responses!
    • Please include works cited
  • Let this be FROM THE HEART!  We care more about meaning than perfect grammar or long length.
  • All teens must choose a Saint name for Confirmation by December class of Year 2
  • This can all be submitted via the Confirmation App Website; log onto your profile and find the “Saint” Portion.
    • Remember all saint Papers WILL BE READ and are subject to approval.


Can’t Research a Saint Easily?  Try these!

  1. Helpful blog from Life Teen Youth Movement with awesome links and ideas!
  2. Books that are worth a read!
    1. Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints
    2. Holier Than Thou: Amazing Saint Stories You Have to Read to Believe
  3. Searchable Database
  4. Check out this EPIC photographer, Kristyn Brown and her modern portrayal of saints!  http://www.thesaintsproject.org/

Unsure of how to choose a saint?  Take a moment to think about these points:

  1. Where is it that you are most struggling to see, feel, know God?  Pick a saint who struggled with the same things!
  2. What is important to you in the life of a saint for you?  Research some saint lives and pick that specifically!
  3. What is something that you would like to be known for in this life?   Google “patron saint of…” and go for it!
  4. How do you think God might be asking for you to serve Him?  Find a saint who served Him in a way that you thought was incredible!