We Never Walk Alone

“A Christian Alone is a Christian In Danger.”

Sponsor – Due November 15, 2015 (Confirmation Year 1)

We ask all students to find a Confirmation Sponsor to walk with them.  This should be done as quickly as possible, as the Sponsor should walk with them THROUGH these moments.  Here are the MANDATORY guidelines:

  • Sponsors must be over 18 years old and fully initiated (Confirmed) into the Catholic Church
    • Please remember that this adult is supposed to be a model and guide for the student.  Therefore we ask that all sponsors be in good standing with the Catholic Church.  These people should be models of an active and joyful faith.
  • This person CANNOT under any circumstances be a parent.  (Parents are welcome to attend all “sponsor events” as a proxy, but CANNOT be listed as the official Sponsor.  This is a diocese wide mandate.  There are no special exceptions.
  • Only one sponsor per student.

All of these people can be submitted via the Confirmation App Website.  Please log in to the main page and find the space that says “Submit Sponsor Information.”