Confirmation Requirements



  • Monthly in class discussions with Parent or Sponsor


    1. 7 in total for each year
    2. 1 absence  is allowed
    3. Meets in the church at 4 pm for brief presentation on the topic
      1. Includes videos, testimony and/or prayer
    4. Breaks off into small group discussions held in various places
    5. Usually Includes the following:
      1. Catechists sharing personal testimony on the topic
      2. Teens sharing on how the topic affects them and especially their journaling from the online lessons
      3. Closing Prayer activity



  • Weekly Online Lesson


    1. Every week, a new class will be released on our Confirmation website
    2. Please complete the classes by Sunday afternoon
    3. Takes approximately 10-15 minutes
      1. Starts with dynamic video from Matthew Kelly, renown Catholic Speaker
      2. Four multiple choice questions
      3. Three journaling questions which will usually be covered in the next class
    4. Reminders will be sent out via the Confirmation website



  • Attend Three “Insight” Youth Group Meetings


    1. Attend 3 Insight Youth Ministry Meetings, more is encouraged!
    2. Insight takes place Sunday nights immediately following the 5:30 Sunday Mass in Knight Hall until 8:30 pm
    3. Dinner is provided!  
      1. We’re looking for volunteers to help provide
      2. Sign Up Genius notification will be sent out.  Please consider helping!
    4. Topics Vary:
      1. Issue Nights-  What is effecting teen culture?
      2. Catechetical Nights- Topic of Faith presented in a dynamic way
      3. Social Nights-  Fun ways to create community as a young church
      4. Prayer nights-  Adoration, Rosary, Scripture
    5. Presents spiritual/faith topics in a fun, personal, dynamic and interesting way
    6. Important time of building up young church community beyond their immediate friends from school



  • Participate in Two Service Projects Per Year


    1. Participate in 2 service projects per year (Suggested service opportunities will be found on the Confirmation website or you can find your own.)
    2. Write one reflection per project to be completed on our Confirmation website



  • Attend a Retreat Each Year


    1. Year 1- Attend 2 “Sponsor Nights”
      1. Sponsor Nights are dynamic experiences of discussion, community and prayer
      2. Both teen and sponsor (or parent) attend
      3. Usually 7 pm to 8:45 pm.  Dates are forthcoming
    2. Year 2- Weekend Retreat
      1. Dates will be given upon re-registering for Year 2


  1. Sponsor – Due November 15, 2015 (Confirmation Year 1)
    1. Must be over 18 years old and fully initiated (Confirmed) and practicing Catholic (cannot be a parent)
    2. Complete online form on the Confirmation website
    3. Only one sponsor per youth



  • Confirmation Saint Name – Due December in Year 2


    1. Must choose a Saint’s name for Confirmation
    2. Write a 1 page reflection paper on why you chose that Saint
    3. Complete Confirmation Name Form & Reflection Paper Online



  • Letter to the Bishop – Due at the end of Confirmation, Year 2


    1. Confirmation II Candidates must write a 1 page letter to the Bishop expressing their desire to be confirmed
    2. Brainstorming session will take place on Year 2 retreat
    3. Detailed prompts and guidelines will be emailed to the teens



  • Confirmation – Spring of Year 2


    1. Attend Rehearsal*
    2. Confirmation Mass* (Sponsor must attend both Rehearsal and Mass)
      1. Dates will be released from the Diocese in January of Year 2


All Events are on Calendar and Listed Online