Confirmation Sponsor

We are never alone in our walk of faith!  The Church recognizes that we need people to journey with us as we prepare for Confirmation.  This is why you are asked to chose a “Confirmation Sponsor.”  This person should be a living example of the faith you desire to have and someone who can be available to you in this time of Confirmation preparation.  


Here are the requirements.
This person must be:

    • A fully initiated (Confirmed) Catholic.
    • In good standing with the Church, disposable to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
    • Over 18 years old.
    • As per Church Law, it cannot be a parent.
    • Only one sponsor per youth.

We would greatly recommend:

  • No boyfriends or girlfriends as sponsors.
  • Someone who already has a meaningful relationship with you.  Don’t pick the distant cousin who you never see and won’t talk to during this time.  
  • Someone who lives the faith in an active and joyful way.  This means weekly Sunday Mass attendance, an active prayer life and an intentional disciple of Jesus.  

Please Note:

  • There is no same gender requirement.
  • Sponsors do not NEED to be in close physical proximity.  The only time where sponsors need to be in the area is for the actual time of Confirmation, (both the rehearsal the day before and the Confirmation Mass).  However please ensure that if the sponsor lives far away, that regular communication is still able to take place between teen and sponsor.  

Submission Instructions-  Due December of Year 1

  1. Log onto the Confirmation Website,
  2. Submit online through the Confirmation Wesbite… and you’re done!
  3. As you submit, you are promising that all these requirements are met.  This is the honor system so please respect it.


Please let us know if you have any questions or clarifications!  God bless!