I’ve been confirmed… what now?

You SHOULD totally come to SURF!

All High School Teens who have been Confirmed are welcome to come to our SURF (Serving Under the Righteous Father) sessions.  This is a group that truly understands that faith is all about a heartfelt relationship with God.  He wants more from us than an hour on Sunday!

SURF meetings usually involve a great gathering of the community, prayerful worship, talks, sharing and lots of time truly getting to know one another.   In addition, SURF teens are usually helping out with the rest of our high school ministry, such as Insight Youth Group and Confirmation retreats.  They give talks and lead some small groups.

Our Meetings are usually on Wednesdays at 7 pm until 8:30 (ish) in the youth room, which is found in the right back corner of Knight Hall.  

Occasionally, we will have an “Open SURF” meeting, where all teens whether or not they have been confirmed, are welcome.

We stay in touch usually by texting, so send your cell phone number to Laura if you want to get text notifications on meetings and activities!

Here is our regular calendar: